Fruitful Friday

TFI Friday!
And Fruitful Friday, for anyone doing the Better Food for All Challenge for Waste Less Live More week.


At this time of year, there is lots of FREE fruit about.
Blackberries (I blogged about free jam over on the Pinaddicts blog a week or so ago), elderberries (to make your Christmas gin), and of course apples.
This year has apparently been a bumper crop, and we have had bags gifted to us from our neighbour, a friend, and my parents.
We are bobbing in apples.
No bad thing.

So, I have made apple jam, an apple frangipane tart, we have had baked apples and stewed apple, and also these delicious apple muffins, that I adapted from Nigella’s Apple and Cinnamon Muffins in her Kitchen Book.

This is what you need:

This is what you do:

These are fantabulous. And they have fruit in them. And aren’t too bad on the sugar/fat stakes.
So dig in!
Happy Friday everyone :)

apple muffins1


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AffordableLiving - 20/09/2013

I knew there was a reason I follow your blog. Always so fresh, and just what I like to read after a long day of well, y’know those days. :) Thanks. I’ve managed to pick some blackberries and nab a few apples but I’ll keep my eyes peeled. I agree with the planting on fruit trees. I’ve written to my local MP’s about the issue, of why we do not plant more of them. Essentially the reason, well in case one falls and hits you on the head. Or they create a mess if not eaten. :(

Jen - 21/09/2013

You are very kind-glad you are enjoying it.
Hope you have a relaxing weekend after what sounds like a tough end of the week.

AffordableLiving - 21/09/2013

Sadly my week ends on a Sunday. But I will enjoy my Monday. :) It’s the thought that counts. Thankyou anyhow. :D

Jen - 22/09/2013

Enjoy it when it comes!

Sue - 20/09/2013

We have a few apples trees and rhubarb so it’s lovely to have our own fruit, I always use our own plus any sad left over fruit and make my version of a fruit pasty! It’s great for using left over pastry and half way to a healthy snack!

Jen - 21/09/2013

Fruit pasties sound delicious. Do you add stew the fruit first, or just add with a sprinkle of sugar?

Sue - 22/09/2013

Just chop fruit up into small pieces and sprinkle with Demerara sugar.

Jen - 22/09/2013

Great, thankyou!

Waste Less Live More - 18/09/2014

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