One biscuit, a bazillion ways

OK, so maybe not technically quite a bazillion, but pretty close…

You may or may not have seen my post about my fave ever biscuit recipe-it is from Nigella Christmas and is her Chocolate Shortbread Cookies.
What I LOVE about the recipe is a) it is super easy-bung it all the mixer and done; b) I can normally be guaranteed to have all the ingredients in the house; c) they taste delicious; d) they freeze really well; and e) as I am about to show you, they are infinitely adaptable. What’s not to love?!

Just to recap, this is the basic recipe:

And here are some ideas for some variations:

Any other suggestions of flavour combos for me to try?



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Jo aka Kiwijo - 18/01/2014

Wow these combos look great (as do the biccies), shame Im the only one in our house that would eat them and am trying to loose weight. Might have to bake some to giveaway as pressies tho. Btw have looked at your original post and love the origami style packaging you used. :O)

Jen - 20/01/2014

Thanks Jo. They do make lovely pressies :)

Sue - 18/01/2014

I used the nigella recipe and made 3 batches. One with chunky thick cut marmalade ( don’t dismiss it till you tried it), glacé cherries and dark choc chunks, and finally lemon curd and white choc chips! …..all very nice xx

Jen - 20/01/2014

Oh wow! What awesome suggestions-will add them to the post if that is ok Sue?
With the lemon curd-do you just try and dollop it in so it stays in big bits, or mix it in completely?

Sue - 20/01/2014

Just a good old dollop and hope for the best, I have since added dark choc chips to the lemon curd instead of white, and it takes on a whole new taste! Feel free to add to your post, hope everyone likes them xx

Jen - 20/01/2014

Great! Thankyou :)

vicki wilson - 18/01/2014

Nuts!! take out cocoa and put in choc chips and hazelnuts. yummmm!!

Jen - 20/01/2014

Oooh, yes-good combo!

KnitNell - 20/01/2014

ok so now I’m hungry …….love the idea of the thick cut marmalade…. mmm. Also lovely idea for presents – homemade biscuits in a pretty jar – better than taking a bottle or wine to a dinner party.

Jen - 20/01/2014

I took some round to a friends the other day in a large jam jar, and tied a bit of pretty fabric on to the top-low cat, super easy present!

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Antonia - 21/01/2014

Made these on Sunday. Went down a treat!

Jen - 22/01/2014

Yay! Hope all is good with you Antonia :)

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Rachel Coles - 19/02/2014

I made these cookies, they were totally yummy. (I’m a big fan of Nigella but don’t have that book). Thanks for the recommendation!

Jen - 20/02/2014

Hurray! So glad you like them :)

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